Thursday, September 8, 2011


Rach reporting in for Nick, while he is away tackling the brutal Tour de Timor....

Nick arrived in one piece in Timor, and despite having never been to any other country has adapted just fine to the chaos that is Dili!!! The flight from Brisbane to Darwin was well and truly a red-eye so by the time he got to Timor he's only managed a couple of hours sleep over nearly two days. 

A combination of tiredness and the HEAT meant first ride in Timor hurt.  Since then things have steadily improved.  Nick says he is "feeling fast" and can't wait for the race to start. Staying at race HQ, Timor Lodge is making it easy to roll out, ride and relax as the rest of the competitors roll into town.  Nick will be looking to team up with 3 others riders, to enable him to compete in the teams overall.  Between his contacts of Meg Carrigan and Katherine O'Shea, I think he'll find one or two people!

 I'll be updating with news as Nick arrives at points with telecommunications.  Good Luck Nick!!!

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