Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OHV 8 hour Enduro

After starting all the races in the Tailwind super series to miss out on the 8 hour would for been a crime.

Since the 24 hour, about 6 weeks ago I have taken a new direction in my training, and found the difference in my everyday riding and racing. Weekly night rides up Nebo and back on the SS along with some more structure has been great, and coming to realisation to get better I need to race against my own results and not those of OTHERS!

The weekend started out with the regular Uni Cycling Club Crit on Saturday morning at the Nundadome. I said to myself and few others I was just going to roll around and hide out the back.

Somewhere between the start and the second lap of the 45 minute race I forgot this and proceeded to smash myself, ending up with me starting my sprint off the front from the top of the straight, Coach Cupcake says leave it a little later to sprint next time!

The thoughts entering my mind once my brain received a bit more oxygen and blood, THAT was fun but maybe not a great idea to smash myself since I have to race the 8 hour Sunday morning?

Saturday came and went and Sunday morning was really, really, really cold!

Arriving at OHV I was greeted with a bit of frost on the ground, but lots of friendly faces all doing the same thing, getting ready to RACE and trying to stay just a little bit warm!

The race started as per normal, but unlike the last few races I started a little further back in the pack this is a mistake I will not do again, backing myself and starting up the front makes that first lap and the race just a little easier!

3rd lap in and my legs were yelling at me a little so the plan was to give my legs a little rest after the day before and see how I go for a lap at a slightly slower pace, knowing I was not going to win the race in the first 3 hours of an 8 hour race.

Rolling back into the pits, feeling good and knowing my legs were AOK it was game on!

The next few hours were a bit of a blur but one thing I can remember, I felt great on the bike with a strong sense of enjoyment present whether pushing it hard up a hill or smashing a decent!

A slight mechanical with a twisted link forced a lap to be ridden on the ridged SS which made me appreciate the benefit of a suspension fork.

Feeling the benefit of the training and the regular rides up and down Nebo with Alistair Cook, I was able to ride strongly for the remainder of the race, finishing 4th which is the best result I have reached thus far. Missing out on 3rd by 36 seconds hurt but, RACING MYSELF will lead me in one direction this I know.

A big congratulations needs to go out to Rach,for an outstanding ride to take 1st place in the event and series along with Shannon and Steve(TR) who both rode well throughout the day to finish the super series strongly Koiled racing had a great day out!


Rach said...

i am enjoying watching it come together for you. i know the work you are doing and everything that goes into being able to ride like that on race day. it will pay off.

if you can get your ass out of the pits quick, you will be laughing. you can drink ON the bike you know ;)

Nick Westwood said...

That is one thing i need to get better at drinking and riding need to practice my multi tasking!


Anonymous said...

..... you need to speed up yr kit change too.....maybe you should change yr jersey zips to velcro?!?!? ;-)
Nice work Sir!

AntZ said...

I don't think I actually saw you during the race, but I saw how close you got to the podium in the results. A great effort for sure.