Monday, May 23, 2011

Bikes and Holidays

Well as usual it has been a while since I have posted an up-date.

But I have been BUSY!

There has been lots and lots of riding and a few races too. Over the last few months tailwind promotions have held 3 races in a 4 race series.

The first race a 4 hour at OHV was fun if not just a little muddy

The second the 6 hour was just as muddy but, somewhere new. This race was a great, a little tough but, I discovered a few things about myself allowing me to finish higher on the result sheet than at race beforehand.

Race 3 the 24hour saw a return to OHV, I felt good early on and rode well.

But finishing this race was not to be, though some good lessons have been learned as a result

I had the best holiday with the one most special to me in a new place

The Holiday was spent with friends new to the is old but new place too.

The overdue holiday allowed us to see some awesome sights

Now it is time to get serious and ready for a race and an adventure in a new place never seen before

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