Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holidays and House Guests

The Leading up to School holidays seamed to take a forever to arrive. Do get me wrong I love my job but by the end of a semester you are ready for a break. So hear I am half way through the Holidays, and have a great time with my Parents Ian and Margret who are spending a few weeks at my place before heading over to my brother's.

This week we decided to take a few day trips to Kingaroy and the surrounding areas and then also down to Teviot falls

I talked them into this one! (it took a bit of convincing) We had a great afternoon yesterday and found Teviot Falls. Driving up the hill to see these is much easier then Riding...

We found an old school along the way. With pleanty of hooks to hang the bags from in the past...

Two weeks before the I finished school for the Mid year break I met these two in Melbourne and we all drove up to Ipswich over three days here a few things we sore along the ways...

I'd Like to have a go on this one

We found a big DISH

By the time we reached Glen Innes, we though to send forward a Telegraph to let everyone know we were alright. Found the right place but it was shut.

It is great to spend time with your parents, there is always great stories and laughs from time gone by.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Getting up this morning I was ready to hit Mt Nebo for my now monthly time trial. Looking at the weather and texting a few people, I found a soft excuse not to get out and ride. Now it really is raining, unlike this morning when it was threating.

I now have 2 options. Option 1, weather will clear up this afternoon and I will be able to get out for my time trial or Option 2, getting up really, really early tomorrow morning (04.30am start be on the bike) and riding the time trial.


Had a great ride, but made a big mistake by heading in through Lake Manchester instead of Kolo break, which I generally take to head into light line road. The trails were not that bad but the descending and climbing every 5 min gave me the shits. Will not be making the same mistake again! As I got to the top of the climb, a bit of cloud was hanging around, and some rain as well. Pitty I did not have any arm warmers, it got a bit cold.

The most amusing thing from the morning out though was running into about 20 Muppets on the way down light line and then meeting them at the bottom having a BBQ, the smell of a cooked snag is always hard to resist. After spending a having a quick chat to one or two of the riders they informed me they were all waiting for a Bus to take them home. apparently they got dropped off up the top and rode down.

Just before the end of North Lake Manchester rd this old wooden cabin sits just of the side of the road. A good place to remember if court in a storm.


Once a week until the epic, need to ride this bit of fire trail. I enjoy the climb, although since it has been graded it is loose in a few places. It feels great to get to the top and the trip back down is worth the pain.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Well after having a great Christmas break I finally had to go back to work this week. The first week back at work is always professional development for me so lots of siting around listening to people speak. This year though, the powers that be made few changes meaning we got to play in the sand pit called training and development bit more...

Riding with the local group week days and some time on the weekends is going great... This week been my first week back and a week before the dusk to dawn meant I wanted to to some bigger k's before the race. Tuesday was a nice loop out and back to Ripley valley which is looking great after all the rain we have had over the last few months. Wednesday was a nice roll around the city of Ipswich, and Thursday was an hour of climbing on the Kolo loop which has killer hills.

Well I have made it to Friday this week I will have to see how the new students treat me to see how I feel next Friday. A big day of riding toomorow with Andrew who has 80 to 100k 's of riding planned. I always enjoy riding with Andrew but it will no dought it will hurt as always.