Saturday, June 20, 2009


Had a great ride, but made a big mistake by heading in through Lake Manchester instead of Kolo break, which I generally take to head into light line road. The trails were not that bad but the descending and climbing every 5 min gave me the shits. Will not be making the same mistake again! As I got to the top of the climb, a bit of cloud was hanging around, and some rain as well. Pitty I did not have any arm warmers, it got a bit cold.

The most amusing thing from the morning out though was running into about 20 Muppets on the way down light line and then meeting them at the bottom having a BBQ, the smell of a cooked snag is always hard to resist. After spending a having a quick chat to one or two of the riders they informed me they were all waiting for a Bus to take them home. apparently they got dropped off up the top and rode down.

Just before the end of North Lake Manchester rd this old wooden cabin sits just of the side of the road. A good place to remember if court in a storm.


Once a week until the epic, need to ride this bit of fire trail. I enjoy the climb, although since it has been graded it is loose in a few places. It feels great to get to the top and the trip back down is worth the pain.

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Rach said...

great pics nick. and always good to have proof!