Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day Six - Manututo to Dili!

Today saw the Tour de Timor riders make their way back into Dili after 6 days of hard riding across the country.  The 85km stage will bring the riders along the coast line and back to Dili on a comparatively flat route, including a 30km lap around the capital where they will be welcomed and cheered on by the thousands of flag waving Timorese who line the streets.

Nick finished the day in 3.13.22 and described the ride in as amazing - and he has had his hard earned cold beer in Dili.

His Stage 6 ride cemented his overall place as 12th in the GC 40+ and 56th in Men's Overall.

Well Done!!!

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AntZ said...

Well Done Nick. Looks like an awesome event.