Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day Two - Laclubar to Beacu

Day Two saw the TdT riders tackle a 122km stage characterised by a huge downhill from the mountains to the South Coast. Rough roads out of the mountains would be difficult going for some of the riders. Once clear of the Viqueque river, those that had the legs found sections of flat, mostly sealed surface allowed some speed.

Race reports indicate that the pace started off a lot harder today, and despite the downhill there was quite a lot of climbing to do, and a bit of wind; it definitely wasn’t an easy stage!

For Nick, it was like being at home.  He described Day Two as being like 'south boundary' - alot of up then down - repeat.  All those midnight runs must of come in handy as Nick felt in the pocket for the day!

Result - 14th in GC for 40+.

Tomorrows ride of 69km will provide some relief for the 230km in those legs!

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