Monday, March 12, 2012

4 hour Enduro

After riding all of the Enduro series last year with Tailwind promotions, I decided early on in the year I was going to race this series again. Last year the races were held at Hidden Vale and Murrenbong, this year will see all Tailwind promotions events held at the scout camp site.

After a early start to training for 2012, I felt I was well prepared to take on the first 4 hour riding my single speed. Helping me in my decision to single speed, was a week of heavy rain here in Brisbane, and knowing what the course was like at the 6hour last year I considered this my just cost me a little less in bike parts on the other end of the race.

After training and/or racing every Saturday for the past 6 weeks leading up to this race, I decided to spend the day off the bike and have some home time with Miriam. The down time let me get a few things organised for the following day also.

Arriving at the race site with plenty of time to spare was great as it allowed me and my fellow Koiled imports rider Rach to pre-ride the course. Taking our time on the ride were able to see where areas we maybe likely to have a few problems later during the race if lots of other people were around. I think this was one of the first times I have pre ridden a course for 2 years and really noticed the benefit come the race start.

With the race start getting closer, I got myself organised early allowing me to start as close to the front as possible. This year to give myself every opportunity in that first stage of the race my plan is to line up as close to the front as possible.

In the first hour of the race I had a great run, not having any difficult climbing with people in front of me. Though this changed as the race progressed and I found myself walking and running some of the climbs as I lost momentum while climbing. The running part is something I need to work on though.

As the race progressed I felt good on the bike and was able to maintain good lap times with smooth transitions with the help of Pommy, Matt and Kirsty in the pits.

With a race time of 4.22 and 8 laps in the bag I was happy with the effort I put in, but as always there are a few areas where I think I can improve my riding.

With good consistent lap times I have shown to myself I can win races and this was one of those occasions, although it has taken a while TODAY I finally succeed in achieving that goal of winning a race!!!


AntZ said...

Well done Nick. You're looking a bit clean in that shot though :)

Kate Reid said...

You are a handsome, talented, and inspiring man, Nick. Great show!