Saturday, April 21, 2012

Enduro Super Series Race 2

With nearly a week of dry weather leading into this race, I think we all hoped for dry-ish race. This was not to be the case. I found the going harder than the previous 4 hour when more rain had occurred leading into the previous event. About an hour into the race we had some heavy rain right across the course. The result of this was, making a damp track even wetter and very difficult to ride some sections. With a bit more competition in the SS class than last race with likes of the Matt DOG racing I knew it was going to be a tough race...
Combined with a crash on the second lap and losing some time and remembering some advice from Matt DOG (insert link to blog) following the first race, saw me running most of the difficult sections for the reminder of the race. Knowing that Matt DOG, Anthony and Peter were all ahead of me at this stage it was a case of putting my head down and been consistent.
The removal of the switch backs towards the end of the race was a gladly welcomed by just about everyone. I think?
A bit of bad luck to Pete with flat tyres towards the end of the race resulted in a bit of good luck to me seeing me finish in 3rd place. As a few people have already mentioned it was a great day with good people and one I enjoyed.
Great racing by EVERYONE and well done to Shannon, Sophia, Rach, Dog, Prof and especially TR who made his return to MTB racing following a break in a few meanings of the word. Lastly thanks for all the fantastic support from Kirsty and everyone else in the pits who helped out.

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