Friday, February 24, 2012

Well this year has started a little differently to the past few.

I have not been off the bike training! This has resulted in me racing earlier than ever before in the new year and with the step up to A grade before I planned to in March.

Last week end allowed me to go an visit a few old friends too...

I will spending a few hours a few times a week on these roads before the end of year!

This weekend marked my first MTB race for the year the LunaC 8 hour enduro. Though like the last few years we have had a bit of rain leading up to this race. With in excess of 100mm of rain predicted in the greater Brisbane area today and overnight this event has been postponed until the end of March.

On the up side this leaves me with the opportunity to race the first Sizzling Summer series race at Crestmead this Sunday with slightly fresher legs...

Just before Christmas I agreed to take part some physical trials measuring my Vo2 and lactic threshold.

Finding out on the 24th of December the first test would be the 2nd of January, I knew I need to behave myself over the Christmas and New year period.

How hard could it possibly be????????

It's just a Bike!

How hard could it possibly be? HARD!

By the end of the first trial on the 2nd of January I realized it was going to be tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The trials took place over 5 individual sessions where I had my Vo2 measured twice and then completed three separate tests measuring my Aerobic Threshold .

The Aerobic Threshold testing included blood tests prior to the test, directly after, 1 hour after I hoped off the bike and finally hour after that. The testing hopes to assess the level at which I use Carbohydrates. To allow the students to gain an understanding of effect of this on me I had to follow a structured meal plan for lead up to each trial.

One of Nine blood tests I had!

The testing was a really interesting experience to be involved in and has already given me a better understanding into how to best use my body while exercising/racing.

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