Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day Six - Manututo to Dili!

Today saw the Tour de Timor riders make their way back into Dili after 6 days of hard riding across the country.  The 85km stage will bring the riders along the coast line and back to Dili on a comparatively flat route, including a 30km lap around the capital where they will be welcomed and cheered on by the thousands of flag waving Timorese who line the streets.

Nick finished the day in 3.13.22 and described the ride in as amazing - and he has had his hard earned cold beer in Dili.

His Stage 6 ride cemented his overall place as 12th in the GC 40+ and 56th in Men's Overall.

Well Done!!!

Day Five - Com to Manututo

The smooth roads of stage five offered an easier ride, but organisers made up the challenge with distance.  143km including some serious KOMs it was to be a hard day out.

Nick rode well in the first stages, hanging with the bunch - which disintegrated as the first KOMs were encountered! He managed to hang in some smaller bunches until the last water stop at 112km, where he was forced to stop and fill up.   He called in tired, but very very happy with a 4.59.38 finish which still has him in 13th place for GC 40+.

One day to go!  Good Luck.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day Four - Iliomar to Com

Todays stage was another relatively easy stage, with riders needing to cover 79km between Iliomar and Com.
Once past the initial climbs, there is solid descending into Com.

Higlights included passing through Los Palos, home town to Anche Cabral, the leading Timorese rider.  Thousands of people packed the roadsides to cheer Anche, and all the TdT riders along creating a fantastic experience for riders and spectators alike.

A number of riders struggled with the descents, Nick himself reporting a bit of 'overcooking' on a few corners!  Com is apparently a primo beachside position, and with the water front views on an evening, it was very tough to turn down beers. 

Nick is still holding down 13th place in GC for 40+.

Only two days until Dili and you can have those beers Nick!

Day Three - Beacu to Iliomar

The 69km stage was a largely coastal route winding inland at time to pass by crops of rice and corn. Riders were treated to a near constant supply of villages and inhabitants cheering them on for the first 45km before the route took an inland turn onto a rough, loose road winding its way through forrest, over river and eventually up an ascent into Iliomar.

Nick felt great today and found the course comfortable with around 55km of flat, before the 15km climb into Iliomar, which he describes as an intensely green, beautiful place.  He managed to ride with Ryan 'Rhino' Hawson, before they parted company on the last climb as Nick stretched his legs and Rhino enjoyed his rest day.

Result - still holding 14th in GC 40+.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day Two - Laclubar to Beacu

Day Two saw the TdT riders tackle a 122km stage characterised by a huge downhill from the mountains to the South Coast. Rough roads out of the mountains would be difficult going for some of the riders. Once clear of the Viqueque river, those that had the legs found sections of flat, mostly sealed surface allowed some speed.

Race reports indicate that the pace started off a lot harder today, and despite the downhill there was quite a lot of climbing to do, and a bit of wind; it definitely wasn’t an easy stage!

For Nick, it was like being at home.  He described Day Two as being like 'south boundary' - alot of up then down - repeat.  All those midnight runs must of come in handy as Nick felt in the pocket for the day!

Result - 14th in GC for 40+.

Tomorrows ride of 69km will provide some relief for the 230km in those legs!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day One - Dili to Laclubar

Day One, 111km and 1880m ascent from the capital Dili to Laclubar.

Riders will leave Dili with thousands cheering them on and ride around 65km of hot, arid coastline.  There will be strong headwinds which will make the flats a challenge.  Then in the heat of the day, the riders will turn inland from the coast at Manatuto and begin the gruelling climb up to Laclubar.

Nick had a huge ride today to complete in 5hrs 50min, with 17th place.
Considering Paul Van Der Ploeg, AJ, Ben Mather, Tinker Juarez, Chris Jongewaard and the like are riding - it is a mammoth effort!  He is feeling "a-ok" and ready to tackle tomorrow's stage 121.9km into Beacu.

Go Nick!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Rach reporting in for Nick, while he is away tackling the brutal Tour de Timor....

Nick arrived in one piece in Timor, and despite having never been to any other country has adapted just fine to the chaos that is Dili!!! The flight from Brisbane to Darwin was well and truly a red-eye so by the time he got to Timor he's only managed a couple of hours sleep over nearly two days. 

A combination of tiredness and the HEAT meant first ride in Timor hurt.  Since then things have steadily improved.  Nick says he is "feeling fast" and can't wait for the race to start. Staying at race HQ, Timor Lodge is making it easy to roll out, ride and relax as the rest of the competitors roll into town.  Nick will be looking to team up with 3 others riders, to enable him to compete in the teams overall.  Between his contacts of Meg Carrigan and Katherine O'Shea, I think he'll find one or two people!

 I'll be updating with news as Nick arrives at points with telecommunications.  Good Luck Nick!!!