Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An over due up Date!

After putting this up-date off for about 4 months here is quick report on how the remainder of 2010 turned out.

I think looking back at the end of it all, everything turned out pretty well!

A goal identified late 2009 early 2010 was, to qualify for the World Solo 24 hour championship in Canberra during October this year. I was able to achieve this in Tasmania where I raced the Kellevie 24hr race during March 2010, finishing 10th overall my best result achieved up to the this point in a 24hour solo race. My racing over the past 12 months has moved from casual enjoyment to a more competitive nature. Other results over the past 12 months included 24th overall in the Merida 24hr in July at Hidden Vale.

With my qualification out of the way and a ticket for the start of the Adrenalin World 24 hour Solo championship in Canberra booked training took up most spare time to make sure I was ready. With a lot of fantastic support from Shannon from Koiled Imports I purchased a new 29er FORM ‘prevail’

The road trip and the experience of reaching the start line of the Adrenalin World 24 hour Solo championship in Canberra would not have been achievable without the support of family, my wife and great friends.

We spotted a few interesting things along the way including a condemned prawn and big mossie

The race was tough!

But through the help of Garry, Shannon and others I made it to the end in one piece and in an awesome position in my age group and overall standings. The final results were 20th in age group (35-39) and 175th overall from 411 starters.

A big congratulation goes out to Rach who was able to finish 2nd in age group which is an awesome result...

The remainder of the 2010 did not involve much riding but spending time with friends and relaxing just a little bit before I identify my next goal...

Stay tuned for what 2011 is going to bring...


Trickle said...

Nice update Nick and well done on the results.

New season ahead, hope to see you at some crits and road races!!

Nick Westwood said...

That will all be reviled the next up date I have been working out the schedule over the last few days and have just finished