Tuesday, July 27, 2010

24 Hour Racing

Well after spending a lot of early mornings and long days on the weekends riding and away from my family for the last few months getting my fitness back to where it needed to be thanks to Steve from U turn Fitness.


This last weekend I completed my first 24 hour event the Merida 24 hour about 30k from home at Hidden vale resort, since the Kellevie 24 hour in Tasmania early this year where I finished a very respectable 10 overall in solo. Though there is one thing I have struggled with over the last few years of complete these types of events.

Sleeping... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This time around though I was determined to NOT sleep or have any significant down time off the bike for the entire event. I am happy to report this was successfully achieved! A second goal I set for myself for the race was to meet or break the 300k in 24hour barrier, something I have not reached ,no doubt due to my sleeping during those only hours between midnight and dawn I expect.

But Rach had a little surprise for me to keep me awake!

Riding as part of Koiled Team for the first time with close friends/team members, Rach, TR and Shannon the support right across the 24hours was fantastic from the team members but also in the pit with Jimmy and Matt.

So after a time of 23:19: 05 on the bike I completed 20 laps and broke the 300k barrier finished 13th in my Category (30-39) and 24th Overall in Solo, what does this equal to?

One happy rider/racer...


TR said...

Great work Nick.
Looking forward to the ROAD TRIP!!!!!

MattDogTraining said...

The scariest thing about reaching & exceeding your goals, you have now set your personal standards & we are the personality types that will always step it up to the next level, or bust our arses trying!

Awesome work on the weekend Rup!

happy dog

jaman said...

Great work Nick!
Good to see you exceed your goals!

Rach said...

Top work mr. westwood. The whole Canberra experience is going to be ace.