Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kellevie 24hr

Well after making plans to fly home to see family, I though to myself... What MTB races maybe on while I am home in Tasmania ?

The answer to that question was the Kellevie 24hr challenge, in southern Tasmania.

I thought about it for maybe a minute! Checked with Mum as this was who I was travelling to see, hey can I borrow a car? yep, mind if I go racing for the weekend? Yep no worries. :-)

So the decision was made to go racing..... and what makes this even better its in Tassie where I grew up.

With the Rohloff not making the trip and the help of a close friend Shannon from Black Sheep Imports I will be riding a normally geared bike for the first time in years at a race. So tomorrow will be spent getting use to this new experience.

The other great thing about this race is it = Qualification for the Worlds if! everything including the race plan goes well.

So I fly out next Friday Morning, put my bike together Friday afternoon and go for short ride close to home and get up early Saturday and drive to the race and as friend said tonight GO HARD!

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