Friday, October 26, 2012

Croc Trophy - Day Six

Mt Mulligan to  Maitland Downs - a 127km hurtfest!

Nick wrote in to report tough conditions adding to the riders challenges! A massive head wind for the first 65k made it tough going.  Open roads on a mostly flat trail with its fair share of corrugations gave the riders no where to hide.

At the 65k mark the climbing started, topping out at around the 90 k mark.

The last 37 k was marked by lots of rolling hills with tough climbs at around 10 to 20% usually starting at the bottom of rough creek crossings so no chance to get a good run up before the climbs.

 Finishing in 6.02, Nick once again slotted in a 15th in M2.

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Anonymous said...

Go. Nick. Awesome work in platings. Miff ;-x