Sunday, October 21, 2012

Croc Trophy - Day One

The first stage of the Croc Trophy is a 30km pure single track attack, around the fantastic new trails shaped by one of our best - Glen Jacobs. Having visited midyear to scope out the area and scoring a ride with Glen on the freshly laid trail, Nick rounded out his prep with a couple of days of pre-riding the course.  Dialled with lines and the knowledge he had the course down Nick had a solid day.

Ringing in  his report, he says was happy with his ride and glad to be underway - though bottles were a bad choice - camelbak is a must.  Keeping it upright was key, happy to have done this.  Riding a 2.03, and 22mins of the leaders for M2 Nick pulled in at 19th.  He was satisfied and also felt he was keeping something in reserve - a big race plan must for the 9 day punishfest.

Tomorrow - 92km and the first of the big climbing days with 2500m.  Rest, hydrate, recover!!!

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Anonymous said...

Looking good nick. Keepin the tank reserved for battle later, right on. Go well, miff