Monday, February 28, 2011

Race Report LunarC 8 hour

After having a great year of racing last year I was keen to see the start racing calendar for the 2011 begin with the LunarC 8 hour.

Although I planned to ride this event earlier in the year the start of the race was postponed due to the wet weather experienced in SE Queensland. Having an extra few weeks for the trails to dry out was smart and meant the damage to the bikes and environment was minimised.
After hearing about this event last year, from close friends I decided to enter and enjoy the fun. A little different from most races enter into the LunarC starts at 12 midnight the witching hour.

After the midnight start and a few very dusty laps, it was soon discovered the track put together for the event was tough but fun. With a course which was just over 8 k’s and some tough pinch climbs the riders on course soon spread out, with plant of room to move though the obstacles and more technical sections of the course.

I found a few sections of the single track super tight early on but after working out to slow down just a little bit and finding some good lines linking the fun bits together became easy. Enjoying these sections and riding harder through the other areas of the course resulted in my lap times and position improving quicker than it may normally have.

With a lot of good friends riding/racing there was no shortage of people to chase, or just to follow a wheel and share a laugh with during the 8 hours. A fantastic effort by Rach, Matt and Alistair sore them all end up on the podium at the end of the day and it is always great to see friends do well.

My race plan was simple!
Get out there and ride
Be consistent and Don’t sit down!

I had a great night on the bike and was easy to achieve these goals with encouragement and support from friends around me. Although the race was hot and tough at times I came out of it with a smile and a feel good attitude, and as this was the first race back since the WSC24 in October it felt good to be back on the bike racing and having fun!

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