Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well the summer training has finally begun for me. Tuesday and Wednesday this week sore me start riding with Dave, Carlos, Tom and Al around Ipswich. It felt great to be out on the bike early in the morning with a good group of riders doing a few K's.

Tuesday morning was a nice roll out to Ripley and back we averaged about 29 k's an hr and 45 k for the morning. Wednesday morning 2nd morning out on the bike hurt though with a slightly low av and less k's but a lot higher intensity. Getting dropped and trying to make up the gap seamed to take forever, but thankfully a red light meant everyone needed to stop meaning I could catch up.

I was meant to ride out through Kolo this morning and on the dirt tonight but after a big week at work leading up to the holidays I decided a little sleep in was deserved so just a dirt ride today :-)

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