Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holidays and House Guests

The Leading up to School holidays seamed to take a forever to arrive. Do get me wrong I love my job but by the end of a semester you are ready for a break. So hear I am half way through the Holidays, and have a great time with my Parents Ian and Margret who are spending a few weeks at my place before heading over to my brother's.

This week we decided to take a few day trips to Kingaroy and the surrounding areas and then also down to Teviot falls

I talked them into this one! (it took a bit of convincing) We had a great afternoon yesterday and found Teviot Falls. Driving up the hill to see these is much easier then Riding...

We found an old school along the way. With pleanty of hooks to hang the bags from in the past...

Two weeks before the I finished school for the Mid year break I met these two in Melbourne and we all drove up to Ipswich over three days here a few things we sore along the ways...

I'd Like to have a go on this one

We found a big DISH

By the time we reached Glen Innes, we though to send forward a Telegraph to let everyone know we were alright. Found the right place but it was shut.

It is great to spend time with your parents, there is always great stories and laughs from time gone by.